Chicago we need you here. Going to the UN to report on Police Violence and invisible accountability. It comes out the 22rd and I leave Nov 8th with 7 other incredibly fearless organizers from Chicago. Come to this protest. We have to fight for justice locally, nationally, and globally.

    your media guide to the differences between #Ferguson & #PumpkinFest #repost

    I don’t know what most white people in this country feel but I can only include what they feel from the state of their institutions. James Baldwin on The Dick Cavett Show [X]







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    A moment where he’s not cooning.


    Cafe Society nightclub, NYC

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    This map should be included in every history book.

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    This needs to be in every history book along with a map showing where those nations have been pushed to now.

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    CultureHISTORY: #FergusonOctober - The Movement

    Incredible scenes from the 'Weekend of Resistance' in Ferguson and St. Louis. #BlackLivesMatter

    third time the charm meeting Angela Davis and a fierce surprise with Nikki Finney #kzoowob

    I contain multitudes


    Reflection on many recent headlines of black bodies being gunned down by police and 9/11: “If violence is wrong in America, violence is wrong abroad. If it’s wrong to be violent defending black women and black children and black babies and black men, then it’s wrong for America to draft us and make us violent abroad in defense of her.” - Malcolm X


    It’s been an incredibly difficult five days with what’s happened in what I look at as my back yard. Last night watching the live feeds of what was happening in Ferguson, MO was absolutely unbelievable and I spent the entire night refreshing twitter feeling total shame and despair.

    Today though, across the country there were little glimpses of light at this very dark tunnel. Being consumed by this level of anger feels exhausting, and take that with an incredibly huge grain of salt because that’s just what I with the privilege of being a white male am capable of feeling. I’m not capable of comprehending the real pain. At today’s NMOS14 demonstration in Chicago, an incredible number of people gathered on short notice. The assembly was peaceful. We listened to people express their hurt, their hope, their anger, and their drive to change things. Once my camera died (again, short notice on this rally), I biked straight to my computer to share the solidarity- if only here in Chicago.

    I know this isn’t really the stuff I normally post on here, but I figure the one time I’m literally crying while taking pictures is probably a good time to post stuff. My gratitude goes to everyone organizing today, and not just here but everywhere.

    Congrats to Jackie Robinson West for becoming the United States Champions. Congrats to America for being a Siamese twin of hypocrisy once again by weeks earlier reminding black boys like them they can be unarmed and shot down by law enforcement.